Some diversity in work this week! I got to deliver a workshop about how ‘Silliness Can Keep You Sane’ to Phd students at Charles Darwin University.

I was a lunchtime keynote speaker for the 2017 Institute of Advanced Studies Research Conference. The two-day program was for Doctor of Philosophy and Master by Research students, supervisors and other academics and featured key note speakers, student researcher presentations and opportunities for Phd students to gather together as a student researcher community.

My workshop was all about the importance of incorporating silliness and playfulness into your everyday life – to keep your brain agile, lower your stress, change your thinking patterns and for a fun break. We did a few ‘silly’ activities and I was stoked to see some of the smartest most accomplished academics in the NT having a good laugh.

Massive thanks to CDU for having me. Looking forward to running this one again!

Amy Hetherington

I'm terminally positive and live in the Top End. I'm passionate about communicating stories with media. Yah life and adventures!