Sometimes everything falls together and you get to work on a project that combines your mix of skills and passions. I’ve got one!

I’m so excited to be the mentor for the first ever LAUNCHed.online Program. It’s an initiative that provides 10 young people in Darwin with one-on-one mentoring to turn their creative ideas into digital programming, virtual engagement and online businesses.

And wow the lineup of future leaders in the program is insane!

For the next two months I’ll be working with the following legends to turn their ideas into interactive online programs and grow some of the digital entrepreneurial skills….. legit this is a dream program.

Congrats to

  • Amelia Gordon (painting | fine art)
  • Andre Price-Quintner (acting | DJ | comedy)
  • Jemma Hunt (clowning | children’s entertainer)
  • Jiwa I Gusti (photographer | outdoor activities)
  • Joel Collins (drag queen)
  • Kevin Huang (street interviews | media)
  • May Aye (songwriter | musician)
  • Minh Thang (photography | videography)
  • Shanae Kuo (cooking | try new things at home)
  • Tali Rain (musician | showcase artists)

I’ll keep you posted on their concepts, I’m expecting some huge ideas and incredible creativity… let’s support our local young people and their initiatives – it’s the future of the Top End’s creative industries.

Thanks to City of Darwin and the LAUNCH Program for supporting this idea. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with these legends.

Amy Hetherington

Amy has a jack-of-all-trades tool kit of communications skills and heaps of energy. She offers services including content creation, videography, photography, publicity, community engagement, social media and MCing and comedy to help Northern Territory people connect with events, organisations, causes and celebrations. Amy is passionate about creating content and sharing stories in a fun, enjoyable and amiable style. She’s heavily involved in the NT community and would love to add some fun and engagement to your next project.