#secretkidsbusiness has been one of the most rewarding and motivating projects to work on in 2017. I loved every part of it and have never been prouder of the Darwin community for banding together to create something really special.

At it’s crux #secretkidsbusiness was a community unifying initiative to celebrate National Children’s Week and unveil the new City of Darwin Fun Bus.

It included several elements:

  • A free family-friendly event at Civic Park on Friday October 20.
  • A whole-of-community engagement activity, which involved individuals, organisations and businesses creating parts of a Darwin Cardboard City.
  • And workshops in the community to involve people in building the cardboard city.

Amiable Communications role in the initiative:

  • Develop marketing material and content to accompany the project
  • Engage community in building the cardboard city
  • Set up media opportunities to promote the event
  • Use personal social media to influence community engagement in project
  • Build excitement, wonder, anticipation and curiosity for the event
  • Assist in construction of cardboard city
  • Collect cardboard creations from across Darwin
  • Promote Cardboard City workshops in lead up
  • MC and DJ the #secretkidsbusiness event (create kids music playlist)

Some of the great outcomes:

  • Over 200 buildings were contributed from the community and through workshops
  • Over 40 organisations and groups engaged in building the cardboard city
  • Over 400 people attended #secretkidsbusiness and visited the cardboard city
  • Around 100 people attended workshops in the school holidays to build the city
  • Social media reach of #secretkidsbusiness was high and visually engaging for community
  • Strong word of mouth engagement and community support
  • Good coverage in traditional media with 2x stories in the NT News and 6x radio interviews with ABC Darwin, Hot 100FM and Territory FM and featured spot on Southern Cross Scoop Program

Check out the excellent article on ABC News Online: www.abc.net.au/news/2017-10-20/darwin-crafts-colourful-cardboard-version-of-the-city/9069190

And below the ABC did a video tour of the Cardboard City in all its glory!

Amy Hetherington

Amy has a jack-of-all-trades tool kit of communications skills and heaps of energy. She offers services including content creation, videography, photography, publicity, community engagement, social media and MCing and comedy to help Northern Territory people connect with events, organisations, causes and celebrations. Amy is passionate about creating content and sharing stories in a fun, enjoyable and amiable style. She’s heavily involved in the NT community and would love to add some fun and engagement to your next project.