I’ve been making videos with the Tracks Dance Company for a few years now. Recently, Tracks had me create content that celebrates the unique voices of groups that are involved in Tracks Programs. To celebrate the diversity of people involved in Tracks I’ve created some VOICES OF TRACKS videos that explore the role of Tracks for ‘Youth’, ‘Multicultural’ and ‘Grey Panthers’ groups.

I always find it rewarding to work with Tracks because they are such a loved part of the Darwin community and the individuals involved in the Company are always so grateful and engaged in the culture of Tracks.

The interviews were a delight to conduct and I think the simplicity and honesty in the videos is a really beautiful was to discover just how valuable Tracks is.

I’ve also been working with Tracks staff on social media skills and strategy development – it’s been great to see the growth in their social media communications since then.

If you’d like to know more about Tracks Dance head to: www.tracksdance.com.au

Here are the videos…

Amy Hetherington

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