From Drag Queen 101 and photography tutorials to music videos and street chats the LAUNCHed Online Program has helped 10 diverse young creatives adapt to an increasingly digital world and grow their entrepreneur skills

LAUNCHed Online is a digital mentoring program run by City of Darwin and facilitated by Amy Hetherington (Amiable Communications). The program started in May 2020 and has supported 10 young Top End creatives to start online platforms, grow digital communities and build creative businesses, in response to COVID19.

“After COVID19 we really wanted to make sure young creatives and future entrepreneurs weren’t left behind with support to get online and participate in this new normal. They all have the technical skills, but most just needed a little encouragement to launch their ideas… it’s been the easiest mentoring program because once they got into it they’ve never looked back,” said Hetherington.

“These young people are amazing. I’m blown away by their talent, enthusiasm and drive to create new content and digital information to support the Darwin community. They’ve made photography tutorials, song writing workshops, tips on how to become a drag queen and a whole bunch of entertaining content that really helps build our Darwin community in an online space.”


Amy Hetherington (Amiable Communications) / amiablecommunications@gmail.com / 0429 193 906


Joel Collins (Hailey Berry): Joel is creating a series on how to become a Drag Queen. Tips on makeup, hair and misconceptions of drag are covered. All leading to Hot100 host Brent Watkinson getting a makeover www.youtube.com/channel/UC38nGTDNcUzKIm4eJ-j8ysA

Jiwa I Gusti: Jiwa is creating a series of photography tutorials to show people how to take jaw-dropping sunset photos. Just check his Instagram to see why we want to learn more @jiwa_igusti www.youtube.com/channel/UCadCzo9I5-RUIrZITaWbarQ

Tali Rain: Tali is producing a series of videos that showcases young musicians in Darwin. She finds a perfect spot at Nightcliff Foreshore and captures the artists performing their original work. Here’s the first one: www.facebook.com/launchdarwin/videos/850878742069959/

Kevin Huang: Kevin is producing Darwin Street Chats, a series that interviews people and gathers their opinions on hot topics like borders reopening, surviving COVID, Territory Day without fireworks and more. www.facebook.com/launchdarwin/videos/2997262900354828/

Amelia Gordon: Amelia is a talented artist and is documenting her process of creating a piece for the upcoming Secret Art Exhibition. Her videos give an insight into the creative process and painting of an artwork https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=710607369748459

Andre Price-Quintner: Andre is an actor he’s created a series called “Well, That’s Dramatic” where he takes mundane activities and makes them… dramatic. Using the microwave, walking the dog, packing a suitcase… it’s hilarious. www.facebook.com/AndreP2Q

Minh Thang: Minh is an insanely good photographer and has created a workshop to help aspiring photographers understands the basics. He’s delivering his first session in the school holidays www.facebook.com/events/192030428776119

May Aye: May is a singer/songwriter and has developed a workshop for young aspiring musicians to learn the basics of songwriting, performance technique and confidence and is running it in the school holidays. www.facebook.com/events/571328840446205/

Jemma Hunt: Jemma is a Darwin local and a slightly crazy creative. She’s making a series of videos on fun things to do in the Top End with a different perspective. Her first one is how to have fun in Darwin with only $5 https://youtu.be/j6skr8GAGDw

Shanae Kuo: Shanae is a cook and a science lover and is making a cooking series that sneaks in a bit of science. She’ll be using NT ingredients and showcasing NT producers with her channel Shan’s Pan www.youtube.com/channel/UCVQ2PR5tt-GMmvGEiS6aYRA

Amy Hetherington

Amy has a jack-of-all-trades tool kit of communications skills and heaps of energy. She offers services including content creation, videography, photography, publicity, community engagement, social media and MCing and comedy to help Northern Territory people connect with events, organisations, causes and celebrations. Amy is passionate about creating content and sharing stories in a fun, enjoyable and amiable style. She’s heavily involved in the NT community and would love to add some fun and engagement to your next project.