Absolutely thrilled to share this one with you!

I worked with Darwin band At The Dakota to create this insane music video for their new song Bad Vibes Ruin Highs. At The Dakota are such a fun band we had to make sure the music video reflected that! Lead singer Dylan Podsiadly had the idea for the video and it was such a perfect fit. “Bad Vibes Ruin Highs” is about those people who intentionally or unintentionally ruin your mood, we think we captured that in this silly, playful video. It’s always nice capturing the energy and playfulness of a group of people in a video, I think this gives a good sense of what it’s like seeing the boys live.

I loved being part of this project, so much laughter and such a great end product.

The video was premiered with The AU Review too: read it here

Also here are some behind the scenes photos from the adventure. Enjoy.

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