The City of Darwin youth crew LAUNCH have had me in running public speaking workshops for young change makers and it’s been amazing!

4 young leaders have been working on speeches to inspire change in their peers and I’ve had the joy of working with them on their speech structure, delivery and public speaking nerves. It’s been a heap of fun so thanks to the young people and City of Darwin for having me.

Public speaking causes a lot of anxiety for people so I try to run these workshops with a lot of positivity and tools to identify and work with anxiety.

One of the key things is to make sure you are present when you’re speaking – so you can focus on the connection and the purpose of your talk instead of the nerves surrounding with standing in front of people and speaking. We ran a few activities around presence, connection and visualising your perfect audience member.

Always happy to work with people and groups with public speaking skills – get in contact if you’re interested to know more

Amy Hetherington

I'm terminally positive and live in the Top End. I'm passionate about communicating stories with media. Yah life and adventures!