Pole Top Rescue – Ladida

Posted by Amy Hetherington on in Videography

Aaaaannnddd! So happy to have the opportunity to produce another music video for the guys from Pole Top Rescue! These guys are so much fun and I think their crazy sense of humour and love of life comes through in this light-hearted music video for their new single ‘Ladida’.

It’s about escaping the humdrum and situations that make you unhappy to pursue the things you’ve always wanted. A huge thank you to all the extras and actors that helped us make this, to Brad for the zoom shot at the end, to Happy Yess / Mayfair Gallery for the use of the speaker bin, to Jac for running everywhere in the crazy build-up heat and of course – the guys from Pole Top Rescue (you rock!).

Enjoy the video and go see some live music!

See more about Pole Top Rescue at their website: www.poletoprescue.com