In the July school holidays I ran a four-day music video workshop for young people in partnership with the City of Darwin’s LAUNCH youth projects. The workshops brought young filmmakers and bands/musicians together to create professional music videos from scratch! The creativity, energy and talent was amazing and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such vibrant and exciting young people. These workshops were supported by the Layne Beechly Aim for the Stars Foundation and are part of the Media Makers workshop series.

Huge thanks to all the mentors, filmmakers and bands for your support with this initiative.

Videos were made for Serina Pech ‘I Hope to See the Sun‘, Acid CityDon’t Say‘ and Something IronicLeave Your Mark on Me‘.


Amy Hetherington

I'm terminally positive and live in the Top End. I'm passionate about communicating stories with media. Yah life and adventures!